Naada Inbam December Music Festival 2022

Dear Rasikas, 

Naada Inbam is happy to invite you all to our December music festival celebrated in memory of Sri SVK

This year, after a long pandemic break, we look forward to seeing you all in person at Ragasudha for the rich fare of music we are offering. 

At this juncture,  I would like to thank the innumerable well wishers who are supporting us for this festival.

The schedule is attached below

For our virtual audience, we would still have parivadini webcast whenever possible, bridging geographical gaps and bringing listeners all across the globe together with us at Ragasudha

Looking forward to seeing you all during our concerts.

Wishing you all a very happy Music season 2023!

Naada Inbam schedule for September 2022

With the arrival of September, we are surrounded by festivals, and the young artists would be busy acquiring a good repertoire on various Deities, that at Naada Inbam, we are hosting a thematic series to celebrate the Divine!  Onam is going to be enjoyed with a concert by Dr.Sunder. Ragasudha is blessed to be hosting concerts of the Kalki Krishnamurthy Trust, Rukmini Arts, Pushkaram trust, Sarvani Sangeetha sabha and Mathangi Chamber music. Of course, our regular Dr.Andal Ananthanarayanan & Sri.V.Ananthanarayanan remembrance concerts will always fill the hall with music! In addition to all this, rasikas are in for a double treat!  On 23rd Shri R.K.Shriramkumar will be giving a musical presentation in memory of Shri.S.Parthasarathi & Smt Ranganayaki Parthasarathi of Thillaisthanam sishya parampara of Sri.Thyagaraja. This couple lived their lives as devotees of music and Sadguru Sri Thyarajasvami. Shriramkumar has agreed happily to do this program as requested by their daughter Smt.Rama Narasimhan. 24th September marks the release of the Sundara Madhura Ganam Book followed by the Grand Musical Ensemble of compositions of Late Smt Sundaravalli Ammal tuned by Dr.R.S.Jayalakshmi and performed by a group of bright youngsters. Rasikas, do try to be with us for all these programs

Schedule for August 2022

Come August and the Adi abundance influences the music world too! So much music is happening, with so much variety! Naada Inbam thematic concerts, Rukmini Arts’ Bombay Ramachandran memorial concerts, Sarvani’s daylong akhandam, Lakshmi Kuppuswami Trust’s programs including a group rendition of rarely heard Treasures, not to mention our special Smt & Sri. V.Ananthanarayanan Memorial Concerts, and Pushkaram concerts as well as many others. Rasikas do join us for all these concerts as the gathering of serious listeners does inspire the musicians and there is so much delight for our minds through good music.

R. K. Shriramkumar Violin solo concert in memory of Smt D. K. Pattammal for Ramapriya Arts Foundation

R.K.Shriramkumar is a simple and unassuming person, adored by his students, friends and by musicians alike. His easy accessibility however does not let him compromise on his musical values. A concert by RKS means that the hall rings with sweetness, bhava and raga essence giving delight to all. He is able to create this beauty wherever he performs as he has internalised the music and is eternally in worship of music devathas, in the temple of Sangeetham. Today, 16th July is the day the legend Smt.D.K.Pattammal left us for her heavenly abode. It is highly appropriate to celebrate this day with the Violin solo of R.K.Shriramkumar who started his career accompanying Pattamma Amma. Pattamma Amma was indeed very fond of him and her blessings will always be with him. It is our good fortune that Shri I.Sivakumar, Pattamma Amma’s son is going to accompany Shriramkumar in today’s concert with H.Sivaramakrishnan Ghatam. Do be with us today 16th July at 6.15pm at Ragasudha, for Ramapriya Arts Foundation. There is live webcast for those rasikas who are not able to come at parivadini music youtube channel


Ameya Karthikeyan concert in memory of Smt Andal Ananthanarayanan & Sri V Ananthanarayanan

This concert is about Namma Chennai. We the proud residents of Singaara Chennai live in this grand city which is a beautiful mix of the modern and the traditional. Chennai may also be the seat of Carnatic Music, but when we generally speak of kshetrams, we often forget about the magnificent temples in Chennai. In fact, this city has many Carnatic compositions to its glory by many a saintly composer from as early as thevaram and divya prabandham. The bright youngster Ameya Karthikeyan has taken up this challenging theme of an “Only Chennai” concert which she is going to present tomorrow 13th July, 2022 at 6.15pm. She is accompanied by the talented musician V.Deepika on the Violin and the extremely gifted youngster Adharsh Devarajan on the mridangam . This concert is supported in memory of Dr.Andal and Shri. V.Ananthanarayanan by their family. Naada Inbam is grateful for their continued contribution for the cause of good music. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima tomorrow let us enjoy the divine flavor of the Temples in and around Chennai with this young team. Do be with us at Ragasudha. There is live webcast for those rasikas who are not able to come at parivadini music youtube channel link

Naada Inbam schedule for May 2022

The month of May promises to be a musical month at Raga Sudha. Not only are there concerts of Naada Inbam but several organisations and individuals have come forward to to host concerts. Naada Inbam is very grateful to Shri C.E.Krishnan sir’s family for coming forward to host a concert by Smt.Nisha Rajagopalan who is his one of his most favorite artist. At Ragasudha we all miss the regular cheerful presence of Sri C.E.K at concerts.
Ragasudha is happy to host concerts of Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha, Rukmini Trust, Poongulam Sabesa Iyer Birthday Remembrance, Palani Subramania Pillai Guru Pooja, and Pushkaram Trust concert series this month.
We at Naada Inbam have also planned a very interesting thematic youth series for this summer which will definitely take away our minds from the sun and heat! Today’s youth are a brilliant and enthusiastic lot who don’t mind exploring ideas that are creative and unusual. Shri Arunprakash too has given an interesting set of rules for the young artists performing on 3rd May for the Remembrance day of Shri.M.N.Kandaswami Pillai!
Dear Rasikas, do try to attend concerts and be a part of our music!

Vidushi Shruthi S Bhat concert

Shruthi Bhat and Shreelakshmi Bhat are musicians whose musical excellence was woven around Ragasudha. Right from their childhood, these youngsters have been a familiar sight at the concerts of all the veterans at Naada Inbam. Now that they have themselves reached the level of performance, we are happy to feature them both as accomplished artists in the Festival dedicated to SVK at Naada Inbam. Kaushik Sridhar is a bright and enthusiastic youngster whom SVK would have loved to feature in his concerts. With the most aesthetic percussion support from the brilliant Ghatam Krishna, Kaushik would definitely be at his best tomorrow. Looking forward to a great concert from this young team tomorrow 18.4.2022 at 6.15pm. Rasikas welcome. There is live streaming in the Parivadini music youtube channel for those who are not able to attend at

Vidushi Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath concert

If SVK was a die-hard traditionalist, seeking out the glory of the veteran masters, he was equally alive to the talent of the youngsters. This concert features a team of buds of yesteryear who have blossomed to become radiant flowers in the garden of Carnatic music. Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath from Bangalore possesses vidwat beyond her years. She is accompanied by another vidwan who plays like one with triple the experience he has- Rahul, the hall favourite. Praveen Sparsh, would certainly have been among SVK’s favourites had he been playing in his time, and no wonder, being the Grandson of the renowned Tanjore Upendran. As for B.S.Purushottam who was a super talented youngster those days , the metamorphosis into a frontliner kanjira artiste is phenomenal indeed. This concert is sure to thrill the founder of Naada Inbam , Sri SVK. Do come to this concert tomorrow 17th April,2022 at 6.15pm which will also be webstreamed on your favourite Parivadini music youtube channel at