Music that is truly Classical

Smt.Vedavalli’s Concert for Isai at Ragasudha Hall on 12-11-2018

Smt R.Vedavalli’s concert for Isai at the Raga Sudha Hall on the 12th November proved that age cannot wither a winner. Very much in her 80s, old age stopped with the physical body. As the Vidwamsini sat on the platform, her music transcended all rationality. It seemed to make a statement that our mind created discomforts of health and age were meaningless when faced with Classical music.

Her vibrant music guided the artists who accompanied her that day Sri.L.Ramakrishnan (violin), Kallidaikurichi Sivakumar (mridangam). Sumithra Vasudev, and Sumathi Krishnan gave vocal accompaniment who were Smt Vedavalli’s own students. Smt Vedavalli taught the world the meaning of Poise, Dignity and Vishranti in Music. Her voice may not have been a high pitched, shrill one that raced up and down the scales in a cacophony of noise. Her mellowed tone was very far from it. In fact, on hearing the strains of Mukhari,- Entha Ninne Varninthu Sabari Bhagya, one got the feeling of being inside a hallowed shrine. That melody, the bhava filled phrases, the unflinching obedience to the mother and father of Music, Sruti and Laya spoke of a religion that worshipped the Goddess of Music. The full house in the Raga Sudha Hall was a proof that the Chennai audience is still very much in the quest of true  Classisicm.

This programme was hosted by the organisation Isai, whose founder Sri Venkateswaran had arranged a function to feliciate Smt R.Vedavalli for having received the Sangeet  Natak  Akademi’s Fellowship. At this august function that was in tune with Vedavalli’s dignified music, the Chief Guest Sri N.Murali , President of the Music Academy paid rich tributes to the artiste. Also present on the dais were Sri Venketeswaran and Smt Jaya Balakrishnan Secretary of Naada Inbam.

By Varalakshmi Anandkumar


Parivadini Webcast of the Concert

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