Jyotsna Vivek Concert on 20-12-2018

Jyotsna Vivek with A.G.Venkatasubramanian & Arjun Ganesh.

Jyotsna Vivek gave an extremely beautiful concert today. She started the concert with a brisk Siddhi Vinayakam in Shanmukhapriya.  Jyotsna and Venkatasubramanian weaved Sarvalagu swarams at Prasiddha gananayakam beautifully. Arjun Ganesh also gave a brilliant support. Himachala thanaya, a composition of Syama Sastri came as if bubbling with the joy of anandabhairavi. The Malayamarutham she sang today was indeed as refreshing as a zephyr from the mountains. Danyudevvado was the kriti. Vara maddala thaladi tambura veena vadyamula.. neraval was exquisite. Madyamakala swarams  suited the neraval line beautifully. Gangeya vasanadhara, Swati Tirunal Composition was sung leisurely bringing out the essence of Hamir Kalyani. Her Thodi sketch and A.G.Venkatasubramanian’s made us wonder what is the kriti to come.. A tamil composition of Papanasam Sivan, ‘Thanigai valar’ was presented with a few rounds of Sarvalaghu Kalpanaswarms at Thanigai Valar excellently. Padavini in Salakabhairavi was rendered brisk. Arjun Ganesh’s playing attracted our attention often in such familiar kritis. Playing for the songs, highlighting the flow of the kriti has become his forte. The main ragam was Begada. Both Jyotsna and AGV both brought out the essence of Begada. Lokavana chathura, a rarely heard song these days she sang very well. Her Paadam sounded very good. I loved her neraval line – Avani..adbhutamagu  nee padame gathi.. This kriti was followed by a short and sweet Thaniavarthanam by Arjun Ganesh. With  Sapashyat Kausalya in Jhonpuri the concert came to an end.

Jyotsna Vivek Concert Parivadini Video

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